Scaphoid fracture Modified Herbert Staging

Scaphoid Fracture: Extended Herbert Classification

A Acute,
A1 Tubercle
A2 Nondisplaced crack in the waist
B Acute,
B1 Oblique, distal third
B2 Displaced or mobile, waist
B3 Proximal pole
     B3a Scapholunate angle <60
     B3b Scapholunate angle >60
B4 Fracture-Dislocation
B5 Comminuted
C Delayed Union
D Established nonunion D1 Fibrous
     D1a Shortened <2mm
     D1b Shortened >2mm
     D1c With SLAC changes
D2 Sclerotic
     D2a Shortened <2mm
     D2b Shortened >2mm
     D2c With SLAC changes
Special studies Scaphoid view
Kinematic Wrist views
Scaphoid bone

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