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Program Credits
 This site was originally constructed in DOS/ASCII using the Maxthink family of programs, then converted to HTML. All web design and HTML written and maintained by Charles Eaton MD - using these core programs. 
All shareware and freeware programs are available for download by clicking on either the icons or the text links. These are the resources and not the sponsors of this site.

Listed Alphabetically...

4DOS and 4NT Shareware alternate command interpreters, designed for writing batch files. Does things you otherwise just can't do.
ACDSEE Shareware graphics browser - the fastest! 
Arts and Letters  Commercial but inexpensive and massively powerful vector drawing program with great anatomy clip art. I made all of the anatomy diagrams and all the e-Hand logos with this. A keeper.
Bink Video Freeware Convert between many video formats, including quicktime! I used this to convert the original .mov file to .gif for this video. (I tweaked the GIF afterward with Animation shop
CuteFTP Shareware FTP manager. I run the site on a remote server, and this does a nice job, whether I'm updating one or a thousand files. Beware, it has an arcane and punitive registration process, so save your email registration program in a safe place so that you are prepared for a crash...
HTML Power Tools Shareware A package of nice utilities which can be applied across a site, including spell check, Meta tag updater, HTML rule validation and more.
Microsoft GIF Animator  Freeware basic GIF Animation editing program. It's no longer available directly from Microsoft as a standalone, so I have posted a copy here - one meg, decompresses automatically.
Microsoft Internet Explorer Freeware which has gone from the minor to the major player since this site went on line. Still not friendly as a site editing program, but there is a fix for this at the link below.
Netscape Freeware Still has the best integrated WYSISYG HTML editor, but even it likes to redo and mess up custom code without asking, so I'm sad to say I use it less and less, forced more and more to edit code directly...
Paint Shop Pro  Shareware image manipulation system, which includes the powerful program Animation Shop - the best, and it just keeps getting better. It has no real competitors for power, features, and ease of use - commercial or otherwise.
Poser Commercial Human 3D modelling and animation system. I made the upper extremity conditioning exercise animations with this.
Search and Replace  Shareware program for intelligent multiple file modifications - GREP on steroids. Incredibly flexible, insanely fast - crunches thousands of files in minutes.
Simply Magic Freeware Very cool web effects like the animated cursor here! Finally, fun for free - made simple!
SmartDraw Shareware Simple and intuititve Flow Chart maker for diagrams such as this. Escape from the dungeons of Visio...
Spatch and Hamapatch Freeware These are brilliantly simple spline based modelling tools which allow you to build three dimensional organic shapes, as illustrated here.
Thumbs Plus Shareware Image archiver - batch thumbnail conversion, and makes nice thumbnail tables for web pages, such as those in the hand clip art archives.
Trellix Commercial  Outliner / Web construction tool. Automates the process of converting a book to a web site. I used it for the Bolivia picture archive.
UltraEdit  Shareware Text editor with truly unique and powerful features, stellar macro capabilities and an easy intuitive interface.
Jeffrey Zeldman Icons See them.
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