PIP Arthroplasty therapy

3 - 5 days:

The postoperative dressing is removed.

A Gutter splint holding the digit in full extension is fitted to wear between exercise sessions and at night. (NOTE: active full extension Resting Pan may be used if multiple digits are replaced).

Active and Passive Range of Motion exercises are initiated 4 times a day for 10 - 15 min. The patient is cautioned against lateral stress to the digit.

If there is any lateral deviation of the digit a Bowling Alley splint may be used to control the motion at that joint.

1 week:

Taping or dynamic flexion may be initiated if passive flexion is less than 70 degrees and there is an extensor lag is less than 30 degrees.

10 weeks:

Gentle progressive strengthening may be initiated using foam and putty.

The patient should gradually be weaned off the Gutter splint.

NOTE: An average total Range of Motion of the digit is 60-70 degrees.

With erosive osteoarthritis joints become more easily swollen and inflamed. It may therefore be necessary to be less aggressive with the rehabilitation program.

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