Darrach or matched osteotomy of distal ulna therapy

0 - 3 weeks:

Postoperative dressing with the forearm supinated.

The patient is instructed in finger and thumb mobilization to promote tendon gliding.

3 weeks:

The postoperative dressing is removed.

A Wrist Immobilization splint is fitted in 15 degrees of dorsiflexion to wear between exercise sessions for comfort.

Active Range of Motion exercises are initiated to the wrist and forearm on an hourly basis. Grip strengthening is initiated in the splint.

Six weeks:

Progressive resisted pronation supination and wrist flexion and extension exercises are initiated.

NOTE: These procedures are usually performed along with other procedures on the hand which will dictate the therapy commitment. If the Darrach is performed along with multiple procedures in a Rheumatoid, Active Range of Motion exercises may be performed at the discretion of the physician when the postoperative dressing is taken down. If the Darrach is painful, exercise may need to be minimized.

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