Camptodactyly release with tendon transfer therapy

The following program is used for flexible camptodactyly when the FDS is released and then transferred into the radial lateral band at the mid proximal phalanx level.

3 - 4 weeks:

The postoperative dressing is removed.

Edema control is initiated as needed.

A Safe Position Gutter splint is fitted to the ring and small digits to be worn between exercises and at night.

Active Range of Motion exercises are initiated 15 min/hr. with the MCP positioned in flexion. MCP extension is not permitted.

5 weeks:

Active Range of Motion exercises are initiated for MCP extension. During exercise, the MCP joint is maintained in approximately 10 degrees of flexion. The purpose is to prevent recurrent PIP flexion contracture of the digit.

6 weeks:

Passive flexion exercises may be initiated.

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