SORL Reconstruction for Swan Neck Deformity Therapy

3 weeks:

The postoperative dressing is removed, and the PIP joint pin is removed.

Active and passive flexion and extension exercises are initiated 15 min/hr to the MCP and PIP joints.


The last 15 degrees of PIP extension helps to tighten the transfer further.

A Tip Protector splint is fitted to the DIP joint to prevent trauma to the pin and/or button.

4 weeks:

The DIP joint pin and button are removed.

An Extension Gutter splint is constructed for the DIP joint to be worn between exercises sessions.

Active DIP flexion exercises are initiated.

6 weeks:

Passive DIP flexion exercises are initiated.

The DIP Extension Gutter is continued as needed.

Dynamic splinting may be used as needed to increase Passive Range of Motion.

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