Metacarpal Fracture rigid fixation therapy

Rigid Plate and Screw Fixation: With secure rigid fixation, Active Range of Motion exercises may be initiated 1-2 days postoperatively following the physician's recommendations.

0 - 1 week:

The postoperative dressing is removed and the patient is started on full active range of motion exercises. This may begin immediately following surgery. The patient is maintained in a safe position splint in between exercises.

4 weeks:

The patient is started on light resistive exercises and may return to light work duties lifting less than 25 pounds. Electrical muscle stimulation may be used as needed to facilitate tendon excursion as long as the surgeon believes that the fracture is clinically healed. Splinting is discontinued at this point as well.

8 weeks:

Full activities short of sports level activities or heavy resistive activities may begin. Sports level activities may be started at this time while in a protective splint.

12 weeks:

Unrestricted activities are allowed.

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