Proximal or middle phalanx Fracture stable therapy

Week 0 - 4:

The patient is maintained in a safe position or finger gutter splint (depending on the location of the fracture) to be worn between exercises. Active range of motion exercises of all joints are instituted four times a day.

4 weeks (or when clinically stable):

Gentle passive range of motion is instituted as needed.

2 weeks following clinical union:

Dynamic splinting is instituted as needed. Continuous protective splinting is discontinued. Protective splinting is maintained for sports level activities. Electrical stimulation is instituted as needed.

4 weeks after clinical union:

Soft putty resistance exercises are instituted. The patient is released to light work duties to lift less than 25 pounds.

12 weeks (or eight weeks following clinical union):

The patient is returned to full unrestricted activities at work and recreation.

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