Proximal or middle phalanx Fracture rigid fixation therapy

0 - 2 days:

Immediate active range of motion exercises are instituted four to six times daily. The patient is instructed on differential glide flexor tendon blocking exercises. The patient is fitted with a resting and nighttime safe position splint or gutter splint to be worn between exercises and is allowed light prehension activities, lifting less than five pounds.

4 weeks:

Passive range of motion exercises are instituted as necessary. Electrical stimulation may be instituted as well.

6 weeks:

Dynamic splinting is instituted as needed.

The patient is released to work at light duties, lifting less than 25 pounds. Progressive resistant exercises are instituted for strengthening. Sports level activities are allowed within protective splinting.

12 weeks:

The patient is returned to unrestricted work and recreational activities.

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