RCL UCL repair reconstruction thumb MCP joint therapy

The patient is advised that following ligament surgery, there is a prolonged recovery phase before joint motion is regained, and that most patients have some permanent loss in range of motion which is usually not functionally important.

3 weeks:

The postoperative dressing is removed. (If the MCP has been pinned, it may be removed at this time, or may be left in for six weeks).

Scar massage and dorsal thumb desensitization is instituted at this time.

A hand based thumb spica splint with thumb interphalangeal joint free is constructed for continual wear.

Interphalangeal active range of motion exercises are initiated four times daily.

6 - 8 weeks:

(Depending upon stability of the joint) Active and gentle passive range of motion are initiated four times daily.

The splint is changed to a thumb sports splint for comfort and protection.

8 - 12 weeks:

The splint is worn only for activities which may result in reinjury.

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