Digital nerve repair therapy

1 - 2 weeks:

The postoperative dressing is removed.

Instructions and demonstration of Desensitization exercises are reviewed.

A Dorsal Blocking Safe Position splint holding the MP joints in 60 degrees of flexion but allowing IP extension and flexion is constructed for continual wear.

Active Range of Motion exercises are initiated each hour within the splint.

3 - 6 weeks:

The splint is adjusted to increase extension by 10 degrees each week until neutral is obtained by the 6th week.

6 weeks:

The Dorsal Blocking splint is discontinued.

Gentle active and Passive Range of Motion exercises are initiated for extension of the digit.

Extension splinting is initiated if there is a lag or slight flexion contracture.

8 weeks:

Gentle strengthening is initiated using foam, putty, and a hand helper.

NOTE: Manual desensitization and sensory re-education are initiated as needed.

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