Radial tunnel syndrome therapy

Nonoperative Management

A Wrist Immobilization splint is applied in 45 degrees of dorsiflexion for continual wear for 4-6 weeks. The patient is instructed in friction massage. Ice and Electrical stimulation are instituted 3 times a week for 10 treatments. Splint is discontinued at a time determined by the physician.

Operative Management

0 - 1 week:

Postoperative dressing is removed.

Active and gentle Passive Range of Motion exercises are initiated 15 min/hr.

Desensitization and edema management are instituted.

Supinator and wrist extensor stretching exercises are instituted 4 time a day.

3 weeks:

Strengthening is initiated in accordance with patients comfort level using putty, hand helper, and theraband.

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