Ulnar nerve Guyons canal therapy

Preoperatively, the patient is educated about the expected clinical course following nerve release. Specifically, they are warned about incisional tenderness for 8-12 weeks postop, and the fact that although nighttime symptoms are often relieved immediately, constant numbness, weakness or clumsiness will resolve very gradually, and recovery may be incomplete. The patient should be counselled regarding activity modification and possible impact on employment.

0-5 days:

The patient is instructed on isolated tendon glide exercises for all digits. They are cautioned against heavy resistive activities for 6 weeks following surgery.

1-6 weeks:

Active Range of motion exercises of the wrist are instituted according to the physician's instructions. Edema control, scar massage and desensitization are initiated when the incision is made accessible.

6-12 weeks:

Progressive strengthening exercises are instituted.

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