Passive tendon spacer rod therapy

1 - 5 days:

The postoperative dressing is removed.

Active and Passive Range of Motion exercises are initiated four to six times daily.

A Gutter splint holding the digit in full extension is fitted to be worn between exercises and at night.

2 - 6 weeks:

The Major goal is to maintain Passive Range of Motion and flexibility prior to the tendon graft. The sutures are generally removed at two to three weeks and scar massage and edema control are aggressively instituted at that point.

If possible, the patient is converted to the buddy tape system as well.


The patient must be followed closely during the first month following surgery for signs of reaction to the rods themselves. Generally, this occurs at one to three weeks postoperatively and is diagnosed by progressive swelling and erythema around the rod. This is difficult to differentiate from infection in many cases. The treatment for this usually is to place the patient on antibiotics and immobilize them for a two week period in full extension.

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