E-Texts are references primarily if not solely available as electronic documents, available on-line or through an electronic document reader. E-texts are a developing form of information, and there are a growing number of e-texts relevant to hand surgery.  As with many Internet projects, hand surgery e-texts have an eclectic sponsorship and life span, and unlike print publications, Web publications are often works in progress - published incomplete.  An unknown number of e-text Web sites, such as the Electronic Journal of Orthopedics, have blossomed only to disappear without a trace. Despite this, online e-texts are a promising development and can be expected to increase in number and quality. Examples include e-Radius (13), Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics (65) , WeB's Hand Surg (64), Maîtrise Orthopédique (41) e-Hand (11), WorldOrtho (67) and the Electronic Journal of Hand Surgery (15). Several free commercial orthopedic e-texts exist which include hand and upper extremity surgery information, such as Medscape Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine (45).