Lecture Presentation:
Management of Severe Hand Trauma

This project is patterned after a typical surgery slide lecture. The "slides" are either scans of the originals or imports from Powerpoint. The "lecture" is  streaming audio launched by clicking on the  symbol. I'm in the process of adding the audio clips, so bear with me. Click HERE to download the free RealPlayer plugin for audio - you will need RealAudio 5.0. If you are using Netscape, after you have installed RealAudio, you will need to "choose external viewer" the first time you use it.

The "handout" is the text to the right of each slide. Slides were scanned at 400 dpi and many are displayed at reduced size for consistent format. You can view the larger, more detailed images with the "view image" function of your browser. As I archive other lectures, I hope to fracture the linear format with branches and links between lectures. Click on the green button to continue.