e-Hand, the electronic textbook of hand surgery, is not an attempt to create an electronic version of a textbook. As of this writing, text on paper is still vastly more convenient, pleasant and permanent than text on a computer monitor. Print is a luxury to be savored. Instead, this project is an effort to produce an internet based metabook, to provide a wading pool of content as a portal to the deep waters of the internet.
 Browsing the textbook's outline and content, the reader is provided search terms and phrases in context. Then, using the e-Hand search tool, the reader has instant one click access to live internet-wide searches of these topics. No typing. No typos. It couldn't be more simple. Try it!
The site is tweaked with JAVA and Javascript code, so make sure that your browser has these enabled. The RealPresenter plugin is required for some of the multimedia, available free by clicking here.
Information geared for patients is indexed here.
  This site first went on line Feb 24, 1997. It is provided free as a public service, and there are no sponsors other than myself. Enjoy!
Charles Eaton MD