Patient instructions your wound care protocol

Starting _________

__ Daily _____ times a day _____ times a week

Remove all bandages.

_ Bandages may be soaked off in the sink or while bathing.

_ Wash everything gently in warm water.

_ Gently rub the skin and try to loosen or peel off loose callus

_ Clean gently with hydrogen peroxide.

_ Use a mild liquid soap (Ivory, Neutrogena) or mild shampoo.

_ Pat dry with gauze or towel.

_ Cover wounds and stitches with a light layer of ointment (Vaseline, Neosporin, etc).

_ Cover open wounds with a layer of moist (not soaking wet) gauze.

_ Cover with dry gauze.

_ Cover with Telfa.

_ Wrap with gauze.

_ Wrap with Coban.

_ Leave open to air.

_ Apply Splint as directed.