Patient instructions first office visit


Name: Date:

Medical Names for some of the conditions discussed today were:

Management Options discussed today included the following choices:

_Cortisone Shot (May make it more sore for a few days; takes a week to work)

_Non-Prescription Medication:

_Prescription Medication:

_Further Evaluation:

_Quit Smoking!


_Heat / Cold:


_Hand Therapy:

_Wound Care:

_Live With It


_Wait and Watch

_Modify Your Activities:

_Limited use / Light duty:

_Normal (not excessive) use:

_Heavy use or sports:

For Follow-Up, I recommended:

_Call this office to report how things are going

_Call to be seen if you don't get better or have new problems

_Schedule an appointment to be seen again

_Make arrangements to schedule surgery

_Follow up with your previous doctor

_Wait for this office to contact you

No one knows precisely how our bodies work, and no two hands are identical. In the practice of medicine, there is no way to guarantee absolute accuracy of diagnosis, recovery of function, appearance or any other measure of outcome. Possible problems include stiffness, swelling, infection, improper healing, pain, tenderness, weakness, numbness, visible deformity, recurrence, persistent symptoms or other possible problems needing additional treatment, including surgery. I appreciate the opportunity to help you work to avoid problems and achieve your best possible result.

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