Basal Joint Arthroplasty

Soft tissue basal joint arthroplasty technique using split APL ligament teconstruction.
Custom instruments include awl and T-handle bone screw, right angle "propeller" elevator, FCR tendon passer, locking tendon stripper.
  • Instruments
  • Incision
  • APL release
  • EPB release
  • Trapezium exposure
  • Bone screw insertion
  • Deep dissection with propeller elevator
  • Trapezium removal
  • Wire loop passed through distal FCR
  • Split APL harvest
  • APL weave through distal FCR
  • APL-FCR surure
  • APL pleated and dunked (anchovie)
  • APL Advancement
  • Capsular closure
  • Skin Closure

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