Low tech surgery Geek Cam setup

Superglue a lightweight wireless X10 videocam to your loupes, plug the receiver into the arthroscopy tower VHS recorder, and video the entire procedure from your viewpoint!

The camera setup is simple, and available at low cost from http://www.x10.com.

Superglued onto your loupes, with an aquaplast reinforcement, it might look like this:

... as long as you don't mind looking like this (yup, that's me!)...

Pretty lightweight,
a little scary looking...
takes a bit of getting used to,

but you can video entire procedures from your perspective with no effort on your part. The picture is not crisp, but you can't beat either the convenience or the price. I tried separating the camera from the transmitter to make it even smaller, but it became complicated quickly, so I chose the simplest route. A RealMedia sample of footage is here, with some loss of quality due to streaming compression.

C Eaton

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