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Local Flap and Web Space Flap Diagrams
Local Flap Geometry Flash Animations
Circumferential Flap Geometry
Sortable Database of Upper Extremity Flaps

Flaps Sorted by Composition
Random Pedicle Skin Flaps Thenar
Cross finger
Dorsal metacarpal
Vascular Pedicle Skin Flaps Digital Artery Flaps
Flag Flaps
Dorsal metacarpal
Radial artery
Palmar advancement
Posterior interosseous
Lateral arm
Free Skin Flaps Free Thenar
Free Radial Forearm
Lateral arm
Free Toe pulp
Neurovascular Skin Flaps Digital Neurovascular Island
Composite Flaps Pollicization
"On top" Plasty
Free finger transfer
Toe flaps
Nail Flaps
Fascia Flaps Cross finger subcutaneous
Radial Forearm
Lateral Arm
Temporoparietal Fascia
Serratus/Latissimus Fascia
Muscle Flaps Palmaris Brevis
First dorsal Interosseous
Abductor Pollicis brevis
Serratus Anterior
Bone Flaps Radial epiphyseal
Posterior interosseous

Z Plasty W Plasty and related Procedures
Cross finger Flap Procedures
Fillet Finger Flap Procedures
Axial Pedicled Flap Procedures
Free Flap Procedures

Flaps for Fingertip cover Procedures
Flaps for Proximal digit cover Procedures
Flaps for Web reconstruction Procedures
Flaps for Thumb reconstruction Procedures
Flaps for Cover of the Palm Procedures
Flaps for Dorsal Hand cover Procedures
Flaps for Wrist cover Procedures
Flaps for Forearm cover Procedures
Flaps for Elbow cover Procedures
Abdominal Bipedicle
Abductor Digiti Minimi Muscle
Arterialized Palmar
Arterialized Side Finger
Axial Flag
Cephalic Venous
Cocked Hat (Gillies)
Cross Arm Triangular
Cross Finger Innervated
Cross Forearm
Cross Forearm Neurocutaneous
Cross Hand Hypothenar
Cross Hand, Cross Finger Neurovascular
Cross Thumb
Deep Circumflex Groin and Iliac
Dermo Epidermal
Digital Neurovascular Island
Dorsal Branch of Digital Nerve Innervated Cross Finger
Dorsal Cross Finger
Dorsal Index
Dorsal Rectangular
Dorsal Thumb
Dorsal to Volar Transposition Flap of the Finger
Dorsalis Pedis Free Flap with Extensor Tendons
Dorsalis Pedis Free Flap
Dorsolateral Island Flap to the Fingertip and Thumb Tip
Dorsolateral Neurovascular Flap of the Finger
Dynamic Abductor Digiti Minimi Musculocutaneous Flap for the Thumb
Extended Palmar Advancement Flap
Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Flap
Fasciocutaneous Flaps for Coverage of the Elbow
Fibular Free Transfer
First Dorsal Interosseous Muscle Flap
Five Flap for Reconstruction of Web Space Contractures
Flag Flap to the Finger
Flexor Digitorum Profundus Muscle Flap
Four Flap Plasty for web deepening
Free Nail Transfer
Gracilis Free Flap
Great Toe Free Transfer
Groin Flap
Groin Free Flap
Hand Sandwich
Hypogastric (Shaw) Flap
Infraclavicular Flap
Innervated Dorsal Index Finger Flaps to the Thumb
Innervated Groin Flap
Lateral Arm Fasciocutaneous Free Flap
Lateral Digital Flap for Web Space Reconstruction
Lateral Finger Rotation Flap
Lateral Trunk Flaps
Latissimus Dorsi Functional Transfer to the Arm
Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Free Flap
Louvre Flap
Medial Arm Flap
Multiple Dorsal Rotation Flaps for the Thenar Web
Musculocutaneous Flaps to the Forearm
Neurovascular Island Flap
Neurovascular Kite Flap from the Index Finger
Oblique Triangular Flap to the Fingertip
On Top Plasty Flap of the Finger
Paired Abdominal Flaps
Palmar and Thenar Innervated Flaps
Partial Toe Free Transfer
Pectoralis Major Flap
Pectoralis Major Muscle Free Flap
Pectoralis Major Muscle Pedicled Flap
Pronator Quadratus Muscle Flap
Radial Artery and Osteocutaneous Flap
Radial Innervated Cross Finger Flap to the Thumb
Rectangular Lateral Neurovascular Island Flap to the Fingertip
Rectus Femoris Muscle and Musculocutaneous Free Flaps
Reversed Cross Finger Subcutaneous Tissue Flap
Rhomboid to W Flap
Rotation Advancement Flap to the Thumb Tip
Saphenous Free Flap
Scapular and Parascapular Flaps
Second and Third Toe Combined Free transfer
Second Toe Free Transfer
Side Finger Flap to Thumb Tip
Slide Swing Flap
Square flap for web deepening
Staged Neurovascular Island Flap from the Middle Finger to the Thumb
Supraclavicular Innervated Flap to the Finger
Temporoparietal Fascial Free Flap
Tendocutaneous Dorsal Finger Flap
Thenar Flap
Thenar H Flap
Thoracoepigastric Flap to the Arm
Thumb Pulp Neurovascular Island Flap
Thumb Reconstruction with Two Local Flaps
Tissue Expansion and Flaps of the Upper Extremity
Toe Phalangeal Joint Free Transfer
Transposition Flap for Soft Tissue Adduction Contracture of the Thumb
Transposition Flap from the Side of a Finger
Transposition Flap to the Elbow
Triangular lateral digital flap
Triangular Lateral Neurovascular Island Flap to the Fingertip
Triangular volar digital flap
Triangular volar digital flap
VM flap for web deepening
Volar Advancement Flap to the Fingertip
Volar Cross Finger Flaps
Volar Thumb Advancement Flap
Volar V Y Cup Flap to the Fingertip
Wrap Around Toe Free Flap

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