Upper Extremity Strengthening Program 
This guideline is modified with permission from Robert P Nirschl MD http://www.nirschl.com/
and The Hand Center of Indiana http://www.indianahandcenter.com
Page 2 of 4: Forearm and Hand Exercises
Hold the elbows at the sides, bent at 90 degrees with the palms up. Slowly turn the palms all the way down and then back without moving the elbows. 
Sit in a chair, resting the forearm on a table or armrest with the hand and wrist extending past the edge. Starting with the palm down, slowly lift all the way back and then down. Repeat with the palm facing up.
Place a rubber band or similar elastic loop around fingers and thumb. Then, with the elbow straight, open the fingers and thumb. Hold 3 seconds. Do until fatigued.
Using the opposite hand, slowly stretch the wrist back, palm up, and release. Repeat 4 times. Repeat with the palm down.
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