Upper Extremity Strengthening Program 
This guideline is modified with permission from Robert P Nirschl MD http://www.nirschl.com/
and The Hand Center of Indiana http://www.indianahandcenter.com
Page 3 of 4: Shoulder Exercises
Palms down, arms out, rotate shoulders forward for 30 seconds. Then turn palms up and rotate shoulders backward.  Weights at the thighs, slowly lift forward to full overhead position, keeping elbows straight. 
Hold weights at shoulder level. Raise the right arm overhead, back down and repeat with the left arm. 
Start with the weight on the opposite thigh. Raise the arm diagonally to the opposite side with the palm up. Stretch the shoulder backwards. Rotate the palm down and return. 
With the weight at your side, keep elbow straight as you raise your arm diagonally across your body, rolling the palm down.  Weights at the thighs, shrug the shoulders up to maximum, then roll the shoulders forward.
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