Hand Trauma Figures

FIGT001A.HTM Quick survey: Flexion cascade
FIGT001B.HTM Quick survey: Median nerve
FIGT001C.HTM Quick survey: Ulnar Nerve
FIGT001D.HTM Quick survey: Radial Nerve
FIGT002.HTM  Fracture Algorithm
FIGT003.HTM Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Fractures
FIGT004.HTM Condylar head fractures
FIGT005.HTM Proximal phalanx fractures
FIGT006.HTM Salter Fractures
FIGT007.HTM Boxer's fracture
FIGT008.HTM  Bennett's and reversed Bennett's fractures
FIGT009B.HTM Scaphoid fracture fixation
figt010.htm Scaphoid fracture algorithm
figt010a.htm Scaphoid nonunion algorithm
FIGT011.HTM Intraarticular distal radius fractures
FIGT012.HTM Distal radius fracture fixation
FIGT013.HTM Combined forearm fractures
FIGT014.HTM Complex metacarpophalangeal joint dislocation
FIGT015A.HTM Perilunate dislocation
FIGT015B.HTM Perilunate fracture dislocations
FIGT016.HTM Gamekeeper's thumb
FIGT017.HTM Mallet finger
FIGT018.HTM Boutonniere finger
FIGT019.HTM Profundus avulsion
FIGT020.HTM Mangled arm algorithm
FIGT021.HTM Fingertip flaps
FIGT022A.HTM Innervated dorsal finger flaps
FIGT022B.HTM Digital neurovascular island flap
FIGT022C.HTM  Moberg neurovascular palmar advancement flap
FIGT022D.HTM Free toe pulp flap
FIGT023.HTM Tendon injury zones
FIGT024.HTM Flexor tendon sutures
FIGT040.HTM Hook of hamate fractures
FIGT041.HTM Distal phalanx fractures

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