Discussion of potential factors influencing outcome

Barrier to communication
Chronic medicolegal situation
Chronic pain syndrome
Delayed Presentation
Dramatic Emotional Display
Drug Seeking Behavior at Interview
Effects of chronic disease
Evidence of use despite other claim
Generalized Joint Stiffness
Hindrance to Follow up and Therapy
History of Noncompliance
History of repeated disability
Inability to Articulate Symptoms
Inconsistent story legal case
Inexplicable Complaints
Lack of Alternative Employment Plan
Lack of Objective Findings
Long standing nerve injury
Mechanism of injury
Metabolic contribution to swelling
Multiple Sites of Neuritis
Multiple Sites of Tendinitis
Ongoing lawsuit relating to Diagnosis
Pediatric Factors
Poor insight or Unrealistic Expectations
Poor Listening Skills at Interview
Poor localization
Presence of Dupuytren's or RSD
Prolonged or Incomplete Recovery
Prolonged time off work from injury
Psychiatric Factors
Reward for Incomplete Recovery
Smoking Tobacco
Sympathetic overactivity
Symptom Magnification
Symptom multiplication
Uncertainty regarding diagnosis
Undiagnosed pain preventing work
Use of Ambulatory Assist
Work comp litigation and chronic pain
Work related RSI abbreviated
Work Related RSI No diagnosis
Work Related RSI Related Diagnosis